Master of Education Programs

Acadia University provides four Master of Education programs leading to graduate degrees.

  • MEd Counselling: Our program is intended for teachers pursuing a career in school counselling and others pursuing a career in counselling through various agencies. The program meets the professional certification requirements of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Acadia's Counselling program is offered on both a full-time and part-time basis, with both programs beginning with Summer Institute courses in Wolfville.
  • MEd Curriculum Studies: Our program is designed for teachers and administrators who wish to engage in research and advanced study in curriculum. In addition to the general program in Curriculum Studies, specialized part-time cohorts are generally available every two years for Music Educators and for Health Interprofessionals,.  In cooperation with regional education centres, we have also offered targeted part-time cohorts in the areas of Literacy and Universal Design for Learning (UDL).  A new Curriculum specialization focused on Outdoor Learning Across the Curriculum will be starting in July 2023!
  • MEd Inclusive Education: Our part-time cohort program is intended for individuals possessing some background in inclusive schooling and wishing to prepare for leadership roles in the area of inclusive education. Our new part-time MEd in Inclusive Education (Equity and Social Justice cohort program started in July 2022.
  • MEd Leadership: Our Leadership program explores fundamental concepts of leadership and organization, and emphasizes social justice, democratic action, equity, empowerment, and change.
    • Please NOTE:  We are NOT currently accepting new applications for our MEd-Leadership program.

We also offer certificate programs that incorporate graduate-level courses, including the Certificate in Math Teaching and the TESOL Certificate


Cohort Programs

We offer admission to part-time MEd programs for cohort groups of professional educators living in specific geographic areas (ex. a particular school board or a regional centre) or working in specialized areas. Your cohort group will follow a scheduled program of courses, typically over a two-year period. As a member of a cohort, you'll proceed through the designated program together as a group.

If you would like further information on establishing a cohort, please contact Dr. Gregg MacKinnon, Graduate Coordinator in our School of Education, or John Christopher, Manager of Credit Programs at Open Acadia.

Independent Students

You can also apply for admission as an Independent Student. As an Independent Student, you can take up to four courses before applying for admission into a Master of Education degree program. Independent students are restricted to electives only. This is a helpful option if you are unsure if you would like to enroll in a full graduate program, if you are unable to commit to a full program at the moment, or if you are only interested in taking several specific courses.

To apply as an Independent Student, follow our application procedure and indicate that you would like to apply as an Independent Student. You will need to submit official transcripts from all educational institutions you have attended, as well as your current resume. If you are applying on a letter of permission from another institution, please include a copy of the letter.

Studying Online

In addition to on-campus and cohort options, many of your MEd courses are available in a flexible online format. Studying online provides you with a helpful way to continue your studies during the school year while you balance your personal and professional lifestyle. 

Many of our online courses are continuous-intake (open-entry) courses that allow you to register and begin at any time of the year. You'll study at your own pace as you complete the course within a 3-6 month window. Some online courses have more specific milestones and schedules established by the Instructor.

Online, continuous-intake courses currently available include:

  • EDUC 5053 Mentoring Beginning Teachers
  • EDUC 5213 Organizational Theory and School Culture
  • EDUC 5303 Principles of Assessment for Education
  • EDUC 5563 Career Development: Process & Practice
  • EDUC 5553 Topics in Counselling: Counselling and Spirituality
  • EDUC 5913 Theoretical Perspectives on Leadership
Summer Institute

Join us on-campus in July for focused three-week Summer Institutes designed to meet your professional development needs. Your courses will be scheduled over 12-15 days of intensive study, with morning and afternoon sessions that can allow students to take two courses concurrently in the Summer Institute.