Master of Education

At Acadia, you'll enjoy a different and more personal experience than you'd find at a larger university. You'll grow as an educator in a welcoming, technology-oriented learning environment, where you'll be supported with personal and responsive client service. You'll have a unique opportunity to form close working relationships with your instructors and your fellow students. We'll challenge you with innovative, critically responsive teacher education that will foster your academic achievement and personal development.

Our Master of Education programs are designed to meet the needs of working professionals, with full- and part-time options, summer courses, local on-site programs, online courses, and independent student options.

  • Choose from program options including Counselling (full-time or part-time), Curriculum Studies, or Inclusive Education.
  • Part-time two-year cohorts in Curriculum specializations have been offered for Music Education, or for Health Interprofessionals are generally offered every couple years, as well as in cohorts concentrating on Literacy and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). A new Master of Education Curriculum specialization focused on Outdoor Learning Across the Curriculum will be starting in July 2023!
  • Our part-time MEd in Inclusive Education (Equity and Social Justice) program launched in July 2022, and plans are well underway for the 2023 cohort that would start in Summer 2023.
  • Local, on-site cohorts can be offered in collaboration with your regional center of education or other organizations, and students can consider Thesis or Project options, if that is of interest. Cohort study is generally paired with a Summer Institute on the Acadia University campus.
  • Consider beginning as an Independent Student if you cannot commit to a full MEd program. You can take up to four courses as an independent student before applying for admission to one of our programs.
  • NOTE: Our MEd-Leadership program is no longer accepting applications.