EDUC 5053 Topics in Education

Access: Topics in Education is a course is designed to allow students to engage in the study of special topics that are of emerging interest in their core area. This course is only accessible to enrolled MEd students who have completed 9 credit hours in their MEd program already. The course contents and assessment scheme are negotiated between student and participating faculty member and are necessarily approved by the Graduate Coordinator. The range of studies and course outputs are widely flexible.

  • This course differs from Readings courses in that there are typically tangible and practical outcomes that go beyond reading the literature. The form below is intended to be a template only which can be shaped to address the desired outcomes of the course.

Process Steps:

• Read about faculty interests and areas at:
• Approach an Acadia faculty member or Adjunct faculty member about their availability
• Download the course proposal form (Topics contract 2021.doc)
• Over a meeting with the faculty member, negotiate the contents, deliverables and evaluation of the Topics course
• Submit the signed form by email to the Graduate Coordinator:
• Await approval to proceed