EDUC 5143

Educational Explorations

This course provides an opportunity for the exploration of a variety of educational issues through participation in formats such as institutes, workshops, and mini-courses. Evidence of 3h equivalency (120 hours of approved voluntary professional development activities), program relevance, and appropriate academic standards are to be submitted for prior approval to the Graduate Coordinator. Evaluation is on a pass/fail basis. Available only to students enrolled in an Acadia University M.Ed. program or Director-approved extension programs (example: the NSAC technology program)

Approval: Required from Graduate Coordinator (School of Education)
Dates: Open Entry

Fee:  $200

Notes: Students must have approval from the School of Education before registering to get credit for EDUC 5143

  • Educational Explorations is a course credit that allows students to get credit for 120 hours of accumulated professional development experiences directly and justifiably related to their core discipline.
  • This professional development (PD) would normally take place during their enrollment in their given MEd program - a few exceptions apply.
  • This course is only accessible to enrolled MEd students who have completed 9 credit hours in their MEd program already.
  • After the forms (see below) are completed as per the directions included and following the approval of the Graduate Coordinator, students pay per-course tuition and then get credit (3 ch) for the Explorations course as part of their Acadia program.
  • Read the instructions carefully as some restrictions apply and forward any questions regarding suitability to the Graduate Coordinator.

•  Education Explorations Form (.pdf or .doc)

•  Sample Education Explorations Form (.pdf)

•  Education Explorations Course Instructions