Outdoor Learning Workshops


WORKSHOP 2 - Learning Outside the Classroom Workshop

Participants will gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge about how to take learning outside the classroom on every day local spaces, like school grounds, and community grounds.  Participants will create and find physically active, curriculum-connected opportunities in these outdoor learning spaces.

  • Saturday, October 22, 9AM to 3PM
  • Wolfville School Grounds and nearby neighbourhoods
  • Acadia School of Education B.Ed. Students, Acadia students, and in-service teachers (min enrolment = 15; max enrolment = 25)



These workshops will be facilitated by:

  • Page Murphy - Outdoor Pursuits Weekend Away Workshop and Curriculum in the Community Workshop
  • Justin Oliver - Outdoor Pursuits Weekend Away Workshop
  • Dr. Janet Dyment - Director, School of Education


Workshop 2

  • Pre-service teachers or other Acadia students: $40
  • In-service teachers: $80

Equity Rate

We understand that times are tough right now for everyone, especially when it comes to money and finances!  Therefore, we want to let you know that there are options for fees for each of the workshops.  There are FULL RATES for in-service students and pre-service teachers.  The third rate is an EQUITY RATE, which is an option for any interested attendee who is finding the full rates prohibitive.  We want to ensure that people with a passion are able to attend these workshops – and don’t want money to get in the way.  So, if you are interested in attending, but the full cost is too much, please use the EQUITY RATE.  No questions asked!

  • Workshop 2: Equity rate:  $10


Want more information?

Contact:  Page Murphy (page_e_murphy@yahoo.ca) or Justin Oliver (justin.oliver@tcrce.ca) or Janet Dyment (janet.dyment@acadiau.ca)