MEd in Curriculum Studies Focused on Literacy

2020 Part-Time SSRCE Cohort

30 credit-hours



EDUC 5633 Q1 Curriculum Foundations

Fall 2020

EDUC 5663 Q2 Curriculum Practice: Literacy

Winter 2021

EDUC 5303 Principles of Assessment for Education

Spring 2021

EDUC 5643 Major Theoretical Developments in Curriculum Studies

Summer 2021

EDUC 5673 Current Research and Theory: Literacy Summer 2021
EDUC 5513 Research Design in Education Fall 2021

EDUC 5713 Problems in Education: Projects in Literacy  


EDUC 5113 Qualitative Research in Education - for Thesis students

Winter 2022
EDUC 5843 Instructional Design: Literacy Spring 2022
EDUC 5053 Problems in Ed: Digital Literacy and Accessibility Summer 2022

EDUC 5xx3 Elective


EDUC 5143 Educational Explorations

Summer 2022
Graduation / Convocation

Fall 2022

Students who apply for Fall graduation and complete all degree requirements by the calendar deadline are awarded their degree in the Fall of 2022.  Because there is no Fall ceremony, graduates would also be invited to attend Spring Convocation in May 2023



  1. The sequence and location of courses shown above are subject to change.
  2. Specific additional/elective courses are designated for each cohort; alternatives require approval.