EDUC 5123 S2

Curriculum Practice for Diverse Learners

This course examines current curriculum practices, policies and assessment approaches, within schooling contexts, that respond to diverse learners. The historical / sociological and psychological constructions of the category of diverse learners and the associated assumptions will be considered within curricular theory.

Instructor: Lynne Healy
Location: Online

Start Date: 6 Jan 2020
End Date: 6 Apr 2020
Class Times: Online
Notes: Students progress through the course as a group and meet date-specific milestones. Text: Finn, Patrick. (2009). Literacy with an attitude, Educating working class children in their own self-interest. (second edition.). Albany, NY: State University of New York Press. Available at Amazon, Chapters and There may also be copies at the Acadia Bookstore or they can order it for you. Note: Please ensure that you purchase the second edition of this text - ISBN: 978-1-4384-2805-5 (hardcover) and 978-1-4384-2806-2 (paperback).